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"Performance Standards in Education"

February 4, 2016

On 4th February, the British Chamber of Commerce hosted a breakfast-conference titled “Performance Standards in Education” with Colin Bell from Council of British International Schools (COBIS) and Kathy Parish from Pearson. .Eamonn Mullaly, Head Teacher and CEO of The Edron Academy moderated the event.

To kick off, Eamonn Mullaly welcomed attendees and thanked the Chamber for the opportunity to moderate this, the first Education event of the year. He then presented the panellists.



 Attendees enjoyed Colin Bell and Kathy Parish Presentations.



Colin Bell began his presentation by asking the audience how committed they are to improving the lives of children through education. Happily, the response was unanimous. He then spoke of his background and that this was his first time in Mexico. He thanked the British Chamber of Commerce for organizing the event.


He then talked about the global education market, the MoU between Mexico and the UK and Mexico’s Education Reform. He showed the market is growing, at both a national and international level, along with the number of schools that teach English all over the world.


Colin presented COBIS, that support and accredit British schools worldwide. COBIS currently boasts 40,000 teachers and 8,000 pupils among their affiliated schools.  They represent schools & business and have delivered many courses and conferences worldwide, and are a very student-centred organisation. They promote child protection, and work closely with UKTI, and the Department of Education.




The key messages they consider important are: assessment; leadership; teachers; how schools are learning and performing; and the levels of progress expected during the school year;. He stated that every pupil matters so each student’s progress is tracked and there is a special criteria for inspection, focusing on STEM education. This reflects the rising demand for STEM skills (science, technology, engineering and mathematics), as well problem solving in maths in the workplace.










COBIS’s work with schools involves the following: self-evaluation, teaching and learning, professional development, identifying best practice, stakeholder management, the impact of policy, interventions and feedback. Their work also assesses the student with personalised learning, motivation, guidance and parental engagement considered. Colin showed a very interesting graphic regarding students’ confidence in mathematics and how it affects their performance.

 The event took place at The Marquis Reforma Hotel in Mexico City.



Kathy Parish began her presentation discussing American standards, and the challenges teachers face today with technology and social media as well as students’ needs and demands for a competitive globalised world. At university level, students lack skills in communication, collaboration, creative problem solving, critical thinking and cross-cultural awareness. This is due to a lack of preparation at secondary level. She talked about Content and Performance Standards and the importance of applying both to teaching. Kathy presented the Common Core State Standards that help ensure students are ready for university and a career in terms of literacy. The panel was followed by a Q&A session that covered performance and students’ wellbeing.



 Kathy Parish from Pearson Education.

 The Q&A took place with both panelists answering attendee´s questions.





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