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Current Kidnapping Situation in Mexico on the short term

May 30, 2016

On May 30th the British Chamber of Commerce organized the breakfast:  Current Kidnapping Situation in Mexico on the short term with Maestra Patricia Bugarin - National Anti-Kidnapping Coordination.


 Patricia Bugarin, National Coordinator of Anti-Kidnapping and Arturo Aceves Head from the Security Group



Patricia began her panel explaining the kidnapping of famous soccer player Alan Pulido in Ciudad Victoria, Tamaulipas. She remarked that involving media and social media can make the situation worse by divulging information and speculations; also the Pulido family moved fast to contact and get involved with the authorities.


After the brief feedback of Alan Pulido´s situation, Patricia started her presentation by introducing the Coordinacion National Anti-Kidnapping Coordination. Two years ago this strategy was initated, working alongside other authorities, with the prime objective to bring together equal efforts of the organisations fighting and successfully preventing crime. Patricia announced that in 20 days there will be a new National Code of legal proceeds:  SUIC (Sistema Unico de Informacion Criminal) and a design of a new protocol for citizen attention regarding kidnapping.




Patricia explained the dynamics, that the Mexican territory is dividided into 5, and each territory has Anti-Kidnapping Units, the states with more than one unit are: Sinaloa, Michoacán, Puebla, Morelos. She also shared interest of 2015 data regarding kidnapping statistics in a national spectrum along with the top sorts of kidnapping or extortion: Telephone or Virtual. Telephonic extortion heading statistics of the most common way of extortion: by lying that they have kidnapped your parents, spouse, sister, brother, son or daughter, or a parent coming to visit from abroad.

Patricia shared and advised safety tips: avoid providing private information, check privacy notices of companies asking for private data, set preventive measures and communicate with your family, talk and advise younger children. There are various types of kidnapping: traditional kidnapping, express, auto kidnapping, and virtual.


Virtual kidnapping focuses on sending SMS texts to your phone with threats that they are watching you, whilst making you leave your premises while they contact family members for money. Some of the measures to take for preventing kidnapping are: to be alert walking on the streets - do not be distracted byyour telephone and always pay attention to your surroundings,  do not give information about your economic status,  people working in your house have to be trustworthy, inform authorities of suspicious activities, pay attention while you are driving, moderate the personal information you share, do not inform anyone about your trips, switch the routes that you travel, distribute your money in various accounts, and always report anything on 088.


Click here for the galley.


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