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How to Reach Your Consumer in the Digital Age?

October 6, 2016

On Wednesday 7 September, the British Chamber of Commerce hosted a networking cocktail and conference at its business centre, British Business Mexico, amongst members and friends. The event began with a brief panel comprised of Angelica Speich - Business Developer at Puntolab, Liliana Ferro - Digital Marketing Director at Mood Cross Media Agency and Juan Pablo Ortuño - Director General at Lead Image addressing the key question: How companies can reach their customers in this continually-evolving digital age?

Angelica Speich provided some background with a clear explanation of what digital marketing is, and how to improve content on companies’ websites.

She highlighted that publicity does not necessarily produce new costumers overnight.  It is important to keep in mind that 1000 “likes” does not equal 1000 clients or even new clients. So when designing a social media strategy, a company’s objectives must be well defined in terms of what they are seeking: greater presence, increased brand/ product awareness, increased sales, more costumers, etc.


 Liliana Ferro, Juan Pablo Ortuño, Angelica Speich and Laura Corzo

Companies have to completely understand their target and client or potential clients. Once a company attracts clients, the next question is often “now what?”; it could be valuable to generate content that goes into greater detail on what the client is interested in. The key is adding value to the online experience.



Another essential step is to invest in digital/social media tools and to not stop investing even when results have been achieved, as consistency is key, especially in social media in this digital age. Making the most of digital tools that add value to your consumer and its experience, such as webinars, specialized reports, is vital.



One of the best advantages of digital media tools is the ability to measure the impact and utility of almost all of digital tools such as: Search Engine Optimization (SEO) apps, segmented campaigns, ad words, etc.
Liliana Ferro shared a case study of a small company that increased their client base exponentially by focusing on the need to target the customer: What are their preferences? Lifestyle? Where do they go? Where do they shop? With digital media tools one can break down information as small and specific as needed, which Liliana greatly recommended.

Another thing to keep in mind is social media and its algorithms are changing constantly and companies should be aware of this to keep up.

Juan Pablo Ortuño referred to the digital transformation more as a digital revolution. He shared a case study of a company that turned its business around by regaining its market that was being captured by competition, resulting in declining profits. He pointed out that before seeking external tools, it's important to analyse what the company already has internally.

The bottom line, is there is great value in the data of your clients, data that can be transformed into a very powerful tool that could boost your business into the next level.



After the conference, attendees enjoyed a soireé with wine, canapés, and mezcal in a merry environment amongst the panelists and chamber staff.

The British Chamber of Commerce wants to thank the Business Development Group for their support in this event, also to our panelists for their interesting participation.


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