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Energy Day ® 2016 “Meeting Targets in Tough Times”

October 10, 2016

Secretary Pedro Joaquín Coldwell, Olivier Evans from the British Embassy and Chris Sladen from BP.


On 27 September The British Chamber of Commerce in Mexico hosted Energy Day ® 2016 “Meeting Targets in Tough Times”, at the Camino Real Hotel. This major event attracted decision makers, key influencers, and major stakeholders from all around the world and from diverse backgrounds as well.


Considered as an ideal platform to network and listen to subject matter experts talk about the future of Mexico´s energy sector, this event has grown throughout the years to become the most important energy seminar in Mexico.


 This 15th edition of Energy Day ®, was no exception, it attracted more than 500 attendees from Mexico, UK, and other countries, as well as top panelists and moderators from both the private and public sector. During the opening speech, given by Mexico´s Minister of Energy, encouragement to continue developing business ties in the sector between the UK and Mexico was strongly promoted. Mexico has huge potential, and thanks to the Energy Reform Bill, Mexico’s success and appeal continues to attract key industry players and foreign direct investment.


Alberto De La Fuente,  María Amparo Casar, Eduardo Bohórquez, Nira Cárdenas Oliva, Carlos Berdeja, Juan Pardinas and Chris Sladen

 Teresa De Lay, Chris Sladen, Carri Lockhart, Martin Stauble, Liz Schwarze, Regina Mayor and Emilio Díaz



Panelists during Energy Day ® 2016 analysed and commented on trends that are defining the Mexican energy sector. Topics that were addressed included: Perspectives on Key Trends Shaping the International Markets, Challenges for Deepwater Projects, New Power Markets & Economic Competitiveness, in addition to other themes. Engaging and open dialogues took place with prominent figures from public institutions such as: National Hydrocarbon Commission (CNH), PEMEX and the Commission for Energy Regulation (CRE). At the end of each panel, moderators opened Q&A sessions, encouraging attendees to participate.


 Overall, panelists praised the successful implementation of the Energy Reform Bill in Mexico and openness of the Mexican Government to work shoulder to shoulder with private companies. This market deregulation and close collaboration between the private and public sector is rewriting the rules of the game, allowing players to be more dynamic and efficient in an increasingly open and competitive market.


Stands from our diamond, gold, and silver sponsors for this Energy Day ® 2016













Attendees enjoyed networking opportunities between panels, while visiting the stands of our sponsors.  After the sessions had finished, the lunch & master conference took place with an open dialogue between our keynote speaker, José Antonio González Anaya, General Director of PEMEX, and Chair of the British Chamber of Commerce Energy Group and President & General Director of Shell Mexico, Alberto de la Fuente. Attendees were encouraged to participate in the Q&A session which Mr. Gonzalez Anaya answered openly.

After the lunch & main conference, a networking-cocktail took place, creating and opportunity for attendees, including a British commercial delegation, to interlock with panelists and sponsors.


Lorena Patterson, Guillermo García Alcocer and Chris Sladen

José Antonio González Anaya, Alberto De La Fuente and Chris Sladen


The British Chamber of Commerce in Mexico wants to thank attendees for their participation, the speakers and moderators who provided their expert contributions, and the diamond, gold and silver sponsors who made Energy Day ® 2016 possible. Over coming months, the Energy Group will be continuing its series of breakfast seminars featuring key topics and challenges across the energy sector.


See you next year!


Click here for the gallery.


The lunch & master conference took place with an open dialogue between our keynote speaker, José Antonio González Anaya, General Director of PEMEX



 The Energy Group from the British Chamber of Commerce in Mexico


 Networking opportunities took place in Terraza Virreyes





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