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Welcome New Member: Grupo SIM

August 1, 2019


Grupo SIM has more than 28 years’ experience in the distribution and sales of heath equipment and services, offered throughout their branches in Mexico. They are a corporate group with businesses that have a national and international presence. We are pleased to welcome them as a new member of the British Chamber of Commerce.


They believe in a Mexico with better health services, and are always seeking to contribute to improving these services. They offer equipment specialising in intensive life support care, diagnosis of respiratory problems, anaesthetics, surgical equipment, monitoring of life signs, diagnosis of heart problems, intensive care and neonatal care. A number of businesses work as members of Grupo SIM, as listed below.

Vyaire Medical: long history of innovations and advanced in respiratory care, their brands have been leading the market for over 50 years.


TSE Medical: operating in the global neonatal care market since 1992. Their experienced Research & Development team is in constant contact with heathcare staff to understand their needs.


Becton Dickinson: an international medical technology company that drives the healthcare sector to make discoveries, and improve diagnostic systems and health services.


Capsule: provides integration of medical devices and clinical data management throughout healthcare providers’ operations.


Mindray: a global medical technology company, particularly known for its anaesthesia devices. They aim to increase reliability and create paperless hospitals going forward.


USCOM: create non-invasive devices that help doctors improve clinical care and patient outcomes. Their range includes devices that improve practices in cardiac, vascular and pulmonary monitoring.


Oncovision: a leading provider of innovative medical imaging devices used by surgeons, radiologists, oncologists and nuclear doctors for the diagnosis and treatment of cancer.


Grupo SIM’s mission is to contribute to the improvement of heath services through comprehensive solutions that use cutting-edge medical technology in a cost-effective manner, for the benefit of patients and the development of group members. They aim for their member companies to be leaders in their respective fields, offering the best quality and services, and providing the most advanced medical technology to the heath sector. The group is committed to education, innovation, and regional and national development. They believe that even small actions can make big changes, and contribute to their goal of a Mexico with better health services.


We are delighted to welcome Grupo SIM as a new member of the British Chamber of Commerce in Mexico. If you would like to learn more about the products and services that they can offer healthcare providers, please visit their website at: https://gruposim.com/.

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