Breakfast-Conference with Mark Garnier Parliamentary Under Secretary of State at the Department for

On 14 February, the British Chamber of Commerce in Mexico had the pleasure of hosting Mark Garnier, Parliamentary Under Secretary of State at the Department of International Trade, giving BritChaM members the opportunity to listen to Mr. Garnier speak about the future of the UK considering Brexit, and what the implications are for Mexico. Primarily, Under-Secretary Garnier, who was accompanied by HMA Duncan Taylor, highlighted the importance of the bilateral relationship between Mexico and the UK, mentioning the long history of cooperation and friendship between both countries. Mark went on to comment on how, considering recent political global events, Mexico and the UK could capitalise on opportunities, specifically focusing on technology, energy, and auto industries.

Mr. Garnier spoke on how the UK, in a world with increasing commercial protectionism, is ready to champion free trade, adding that Britain was proactively engaged in “exploratory” trade talks with various countries (the UK cannot engage in official unilateral trade talks due to the Lisbon Treaty, until it has completely separated from the EU) and will continue to support the current free trade mechanisms in place. Garnier proclaimed that his main mission was to identify and eliminate barriers to free trade. Contrary to common belief that Brexit was in part a result of commercial protectionist sentiment, Garnier stated that, on the contrary, Brexit has emboldened the UK to secure Free Trade Agreements (FTAs) around the world. This, he mentioned, coupled with PwCs projection that the UK will have the fastest growing economy in the G7 for the next 3 decades, will position the UK to be a motor for global economic growth in years to come. He also stated that Brexit was an indication that the UK was looking beyond Europe’s borders, given that 90% of future global growth will occur outside Europe. A good example of this, Mark noted, was the FDI British energy companies were committing to Mexico, considering the structural energy reforms and subsequent energy auctions launched by the Mexican government.

Emilio Díaz, Mark Garnier and HMA Duncan Taylor

Following Mr. Garnier´s speech, Chamber members were encouraged to participate in a Q&A sion, which both Ambassador Taylor and Under Secretary Garnier were happy to answer in detail. Questions ranged from the UK commitment to FDI in Mexico F to how the relationship between the USA and the UK may reflects the latter’s relationship with Mexico. The Chamber of Commerce in Mexico would like to thank Under Secretary Mark Garnier, HMA Duncan Taylor, and the British Embassy in Mexico, for their presence, comments, and disposition to have an open dialogue with BritChaM members. We look forward to collaborating further in future events!

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